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theentwife's Journal

Persephone Yavanna the Entwife
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The UnInitiated UnHighPriestess of the UnCoven of the Solitaries

Death and the Lemming

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If I know you in real life, I will most likely "friend" you if you "friend" me -- if I don't know you personally in real life & you "friend" me, I might "friend" you (but don't hold your breath . . . )

Note -- I'm unlikely to "friend" any LJ communities -- hobbitfanciers was an exception, since their "in-character" posts were fun to read, but that community is no longer being updated, so I've now removed it from my Friends list.

For those impertinent enough to ask, I am over 18 -- and how much over is none of your business!!!

If you wish to email me, my e-ddress is "theentwife AT yahoo.com" -- sometimes I reply to mail from strangers, sometimes I don't, but I alway DO read it!

Check out my LJ fan club! :)

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Some might notice the number of vegetarian and vegan communities I'm part of, so I have this to say -- I am neither vegetarian NOR vegan. I am, in fact, a confirmed carnivore -- but I have many friends and acquaintances who are either vegetarian or vegan and I often go to potlucks where there are a substantial number of vegans/vegetarians. That being the case, since I enjoy cooking, and especially the challenge of making TASTY vegan food, I'm always on the hunt for good vegan or vegan-convertible recipes, since then EVERYONE can enjoy them, guilt-free. I also have a garden where I try to grow all my own food, as much as possible, so that too is a reason for searching out yummy, creative, NEW ways of using my garden's bounty.

So now you know! :)

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I'm on Last.fm (formerly known as AudioScrobbler) and Gerpok if you want to find out what kind of music I enjoy.

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Potions class

Yes I am a chemist. As if all the Severus Snape icons weren't a big enough clue already . . .

Slytherin supporter



{ wear }

The snake is most appropriately the mascot of Slytherin. The beauty of the snake lies in its twining shape, just as the beauty of the Slytherin path lies in intricacy, in unexpected twists and turns, mirroring the curves of the letter S.

The path of the Slytherin may well be winding, curving back on itself so that an onlooker cannot tell where the Slytherin is bound, in what direction he is going. The Slytherin is not restricted to straight lines, in order to achieve what he desires. For this reason, he has options which are not available to others. This makes him a valuable weapon.

We must also consider the tongue of the snake – famously it is forked, read by the enemies of Slytherin as a sign of deceit – the double tongue, the ability to say one thing and mean another, the capacity of deceit. And certainly, these are Slytherin gifts. But like all gifts, this may be applied for any purpose – are there not times when trickery is absolutely necessary, when one’s motives must be known only to oneself?

Because of the double tongue, a Slytherin may remain unpredictable, and operate in darkness – and only when the game is finished can anyone safely say on which side he has been playing.
(From the fic The Double Tongue by rowen_r)


While I am a Harry Potter fan, I'm not really "into" fandom. I do admit to sailing a few ships though . . .

Severus the Sexy

I prefer het . . .

Snevans Snissy Snagonagall Snamione


But I do have a bit of a soft spot for a certain werewolf . . .


Remus is Bi OTP -- sarcasm AND chocolate

Actually, make that two werewolves, since I've become enamoured of the bad boy of the Wizarding World werewolf set . . .

Fenrir Greyback is absolutely delicious

I also take a certain pervy pleasure in certain love triangles -- primarily Severus/Minerva/Remus but also Severus/Nymphadora(ble)/Remus and Severus/Narcissa/Lucius, when I can find them (I'm convinced Snape was "Uncle Severus" to Draco well before young Master Malfoy started at Hogwarts)

Severus Snape is the Charles Ryder of the Wizarding World in my opinion, as regards the Black family (except for Sirius, since I'm not a Snack-er)

I have written a few HP fics over the years, available at theentwyfe for those who are interested.

Salix whompea

While I usually sort into Slytherin, I definitely have Hufflepuff tendencies and a large Ravenclaw streak. I therefore consider myself to be a Slytherpuff. (Not to be confused with a PotterPuff, although I am fond of those too as you can see . . . )

Slytherin -- just better Hufflepuff -- underestimated

Slytherpuffs find being underestimated amusing

Innocent badger

Animated snake bar

Tea is love

Especially if one's family is British, as mine is. Care for some shortbread?

Tartan biscuit tin

Thistle divider

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