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Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Respect soldiers (Doonesbury strip)

I learned of a site courtesy of innerslytherin that I'd like to share with others this Thanksgiving Day.

It's called Let's Say Thanks. It's a program sponsored by Xerox to send free postcards printed with your message to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas, in order to show appreciation to them for their service.

I realize quite a few people on my friends list may not support U.S. military actions overseas, but to me, that's a quarrel with the politicians who issue the orders, not the soldiers whose duty it is to carry said orders out. I'm quite sure that those soldiers would love to be back home in the bosoms of their families, but they swore oaths to serve their country, giving their very lives if so required.

I for one am using this site to send cards to people whose personal sacrifices I respect enormously, thanking them for doing what they consider to be their duty as citizens. I hope others who read this post will choose to do so as well, regardless of personal feelings about the politics of U.S. military policy abroad.
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