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A belated NaNoWriMo start

I blame innerslytherin. And chiralove.

innerslytherin's been doing a lot of NaNoWriMo posts lately and she wore me down. chiralove's drip drip drip of drabbles did also.

I wanna play too.

So I am. Again.

I'd done NaNoWriMo back in 2004, not getting very far because I ended up getting distracted by other things (like a trip to India that started mid-month), which is why I didn't do it in 2005 either. I wasn't planning on doing it this year but the Chinese water torture of reading the fic-progress reports was more than I could bear . . .

I've also been keeping a plot-bunny hutch for various folks and thought I might as well use a few of them myself, especially since fanfiction is allowed under the NaNo rules. Writing something set in the Potterverse will give me the chance to use already-existing characters and situations without having to do tons of character development and backstory, yet gives me dialogue and plot practice.

So off I trot to the NaNoWriMo site, expecting them to still have my info, only to discover it's gone -- and some 16 year old is has claimed my old user ID of Persephone. :(

After grumping rather loudly about that, I sign up again under my backup default ID of TheEntwife, set up my new spiffy Flash author page and start typing up my story.

It's highly unlikely I'll be able to get 50,000 words out by November 30th, given how I've started more than 2 weeks late, but it's at least theoretically possible, given how verbose I can be at times. I'm actually more interested in finally writing out the "Death Eaters at play" storylines that have been nibbling at me. (Those Bella-bunnies bite hard!)

I've been considering posting the finished product here in my LJ, under LJ-cuts so those not interested can easily avoid reading my scribblings. I haven't yet decided if I'll keep everything relatively "clean" or go full-bore and include all the fun bits. (Said bits being BDSM and/or NC-17 activity, possibly homoerotic, possibly not.) I'll likely make the posts public, at least to start off, although I may decide to be a weenie and chicken out and make them friends-only. Hopefully nobody on my friends list will decide to de-friend me because of my fiction, but if anyone would prefer to be in a "no fiction" custom friends group, please let me know, in case I decide to make my stories friends-only. (And if you definitely want to be on a "stories please!" custom friends filter, let me know that as well.)

So far I've got out 1194 words. Here's a pretty little chart widget from the Nano site to show my progress:

I've also posted a short excerpt (G rated!!) of my story that you can read from my author profile, in case you're curious about my writing style. ("Contingencies" is the current working title, but that may end up as a chapter title with a different one for the work as a whole. For some reason, the Flash site won't show dashes in the excerpt, although the plain author page shows them -- dashed inconvenient, that!)

I have no idea how long my story will eventually end up being. Given that I have quite a few bunnies in the hutch nibbling at the wires, I may use several of them for this project, either as separate chapters or as a set of related stories -- it's a bit early in the process for me to tell yet.

~~ goes off to feed the plotbunnies some carrots ~~
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