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Dancing in the Day of the Dead

Went to the vampires' dinner party last night at sundown and just got home now at sunrise.

The dinner party was hosted by Father Sebastian and held at the same place I had my last birthday party at. Since the weather was nice, we dined outside in the garden with the large heaters on, which made the area quite warm. The gathering was very European -- there were Dutchmen, Norwegians and Hungarians as well as some Canadians. Edward joined us a little bit late, but several guests came after he did, so that wasn't a problem.

He and I both ordered the pumpkin soup and crabcakes, then I had the sesame-crusted trout while he chose the lemongrass tilapia. We had a nice apple crumble smothered in whipped cream for dessert. I also had several pomegranate pina coladas during the evening, which were scrumptious and popular with the other members of the party too.

After dinner, Edward decided to go home while I continued on to the club party afterwards in a taxi shared with Sebastian and the Hungarians. Once there, I spent most of the rest of the night in the company of two delightful Dutchmen I'd met at the dinner party, santiago0667 and his friend Erik, who was great fun to talk to as I watched santiago0667 dance. (He's a marvelous dancer!)

I ran into several old friends at the club that I hadn't seen in a while and had a chance to catch up with them. The alcoholic drinks were rather pricey ($9 for a bourbon-and-Coke) but the non-alcoholic ones weren't too bad ($3 for plain Coke) and the crowd was pretty friendly. There were a few bands playing and the tunes being spun were good too, so I ended up dancing quite a bit. Unfortunately for me, when deciding what to wear for the evening, I'd gone for gothic elegance in a burgundy silk evening gown, not thinking that I would be dancing at a club later on, since that dress isn't suited for dancing in, being a bit restrictive for arm movement and the acetate inner lining making it rather hot. Not too bad a problem if you're doing ballroom dance, but that was not the kind of dance I was doing.

So I ended up chit-chatting quite a bit with Erik, santiago0667, Sebastian and my other friends there, which was fine by me, since I love to talk. :)

The vampires are having another party this evening and I'll likely go, especially since santiago0667 and Erik will be leaving soon thereafter for their home in Holland and they were such fun to spend time with.

But that's not until after nightfall, so I'll take a nap then set out candy for the trick-or-treaters before getting dressed up and going out again. Since I'm still fairly buzzed, I'll probably wind down by reading some of the stories from the Dead Potter Society for a bit first . . .

~~ wanders off to read Night of the Living Snape while humming "Zombie Jamboree" ~~
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