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More Potterverse pimpage

A few days back, I gave some writing prompts to some of the HP fic writers on my friends list. Here are the results:

chiralove wrote the haunting Ghosts and Licorice in response to the prompt "Severus is secretly addicted to licorice. Harry finds out."

norbert02 wrote the crack!tastic Happy Birthday Lord Voldemort in response to the prompt "A Death Eater birthday party -- at an S&M club. Party hats mandatory. Birthday spanking(s) encouraged. Silly props for spankings recommended. (The spankings don't have to hurt -- Bella just likes those types more.) Severus should also blow one of those ridiculous party horns that unroll. Draco may be present also, as well as the junior Crabbe and Goyle."

If other writers on my f-list want to play with these prompts, feel free to use them -- just let me see the results! :)

~~ toots paper rollup horn and has some more of Tommy's birthday cake ~~

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