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The limits of religious tolerance in the Dominion of TheEntwife - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife

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July 12th, 2004

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10:30 pm - The limits of religious tolerance in the Dominion of TheEntwife
The members of the parliament of my dominion have a new challenge in front of them -- delimiting the extent to which tolerance of various religious practices will occur.

The issue at hand is that of human sacrifice -- one of the nation's religious groups claims that only by shedding the blood of their fellow Homo sapiens can their deity be appeased.

The Issue

Members of a new weird religious cult, called the Order of Violet, ask for the government to appease their mighty god by offering Her a sacrifice of the human variety.

The Debate

1. "What have we got to lose?" says religious freedoms advocate Lars Hamilton. "Just cut up a few homeless folk- it appeases this group's bloodthirsty Goddess, gets rid of unsightly bums that drain welfare, and everybody goes home happy."

2. "We must go much further than a few beggars!" argues the overzealous High Member of the Order of Violet, Charles Clinton. "You must pass a law that everyone’s first born child must be slaughtered, on live TV if possible. Think of the viewing figures!"

3. "You aren't going to listen to these whackjob Violetists, are you?" comments Pete Jong-Il while leading a prayer group. "Human sacrifices! Surely we're too civilized to permit such barbaric practices! These lunatic fringe groups should be outlawed, their leaders should be executed!"

4. "Who's being a lunatic?" retorts Thomas Rifkin of the TheEntwife Humanitarian Society. "I agree that these practices ought to be outlawed, but instead of sinking to the same level of these fanatics and killing our fellow people, why not simply start a re-education program? Even the worst person can be rehabilitated into a useful member of society, with enough time, care, and lots and lots of funding!"

I find it interesting that in this example the deity in question is FEMALE -- not sure why that would be -- perhaps the person who wrote this particular issue is a devotee of Kali . . .

I've decided that the 4th choice is likely the best one under the circumstances, although I was strongly tempted by choice #3. Given the extreme way past decisions have tended to affect my nation, however, makes me feel that the more conservative approach of re-education will prove less of a polarizing force than outright execution of nutty religious leaders and banning of their cults, however emotionally satisfying that might have proven to have been . . .
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: "Killed by Death" by Motorhead

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