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The Hogwarts Tinies

Bumbled across The Hogwarts Tinies while surfing today. Given the mildly morbid mood engendered by J. K. Rowling's recent interview (wherein she stated that while she gave one character a reprieve in Book 7, two others were sent to the block) as well as the gothic sensibilities of several of my friends, I thought I'd share this little macabre confection.

A is for Albus, who choked on a sweet.
B is for Bill who drank wolfsbane juice neat.
C is for Cho who expired from grief.
D is for Dobby, purloined by a thief.
E is for Errol, nibbled by doxies.
F is for Fleur who succumbed to some poxes.
G is for Gilderoy, hung up by his chin.
H is for Harry, by dementors done in.
I is for Igor, speared with a wand.
J is for Justin who drowned in a pond.
K is for Krum, devoured by a dragon.
L is for Lucius lying under a wagon.
M is for Myrtle, struck dead in a loo.
N is for Neville who wants to die too.
O is for Olympe, stuffed in a bin.
P is for Parvati, stabbed by her twin.
Q is for Quirrell, gored by a quill.
R is for Ronald who rolled down a hill.
S is for Severus locked in a tomb.
T is for Tom who became You Know Whom.
U is for Uncle V pounded by wizards.
V is for Vincent, relieved of his gizzards.
W is for Winky, by manticores bitten.
X is for Xerxes who didn't get written.
Y is for You Know Whose yet unknown fate.
Z is for Zabini, Blaise, the late.

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