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I bumbled across my first owned place within the vampire game today… - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife

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June 18th, 2004

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02:52 pm
I bumbled across my first owned place within the vampire game today -- Byren's Citadel. It's located between Jaded and Kyanite, between 75th and 76th Streets.

I wasn't planning on going there -- I just stumbled across it while on my way to a bank to deposit some coinage.

Here's the square's message:

Six towers, a fire lit in each, soar seemingly endlessly into the night sky. You come upon a walled fortress, a majestic clash of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. An open archway leads to a courtyard so flush with life ones breath is taken by it's omnipresent aura. Along the trails of this garden utopia, towards the center of the landscape is a statue of a beautiful woman, looking to the stars with an aspirant sorrow. A plaque reveals that this is a tomb, enshrining a vampiress by the name of Porrama. Venturing further along you come across a massive brass gate, leading to the main hall - locked. You have stumbled upon the citadel of the vampire Byren.

Notice: Their are to be no acts of violence here. Any hostile action to take place within these walls will be repaid ten fold!

I think owned places are cool -- maybe I'll get one of my own sometime . . .
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
Current Music: "Pink Houses" by John Cougar Mellencamp

(Eat a pomegranate)

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