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A (slightly) new look for my LiveJournal

In a bout of spring fever, I decided to do a bit of fiddling with the look of this LJ, the most obvious change being that the userpic for each entry is now viewable on my Recent Entries page, not just to those reading me through their friends list. It can also now be seen on the post's page when reading comments or adding a new one.

During the fiddling, I tried on a variety of other styles before deciding that I really liked the style I'd originally chosen for this LJ the best, even though the userpics push over the text a bit and are not indented into it, as in some of the other styles. (The other styles made a hash of my Friends page, which I found most annoying!)

I adjusted the color scheme a smidgen, added a few new userpics (now that I can more easily show off my collection) and made a few changes to my userinfo page as well.

I blame the pollen . . .
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