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Aridor update

Things have been busy lately at my estate on Aridor -- I've been busy expanding my household, protecting my pets & having wars & making peace with folks.

First off -- I expanded my house! I now have a Tardis-style mansion, with up to 10 rooms available. I originally had Gandalf in the library, Merry Brandybuck in the kitchen, Baltar in the bedroom & Pippin Took on stage in my private theater. I have now added another bedroom for Apollo (he was getting jealous Baltar had one & he didn't), a dining room where Baltar waits on me hand & foot and a huge wardrobe closet that Starbuck is in charge of -- he got the closet since the room description has him secretly trying on my clothes & in the new series the character is now female. S/he better not stretch anything out . . . or worse, look better in it than I do! (I really hate that!!!)

Secondly -- I've been busy making both war & peace with my fellow players. Shortly before Easter a French-Canadian player started to attack me, even though I'd been minding my own business playing with my pets. So I decided to fight fire with fire -- Aries Fire Horse temper! -- only to discover that he liked it -- trust me to find the masochist on the site . . .

Well, we went at it for days with biobombs & rumbles (where you lose a lot of servants at once) and he beat me fair & square -- but I gave him hell in return!! A pyrrhic victory it was. He liked my spit-fire spirit, though, & gave me back my pets then was very sweet to me for my birthday. I'd gotten upset enough to seriously consider quitting but he succeeded in jollying me out of that. We've gotten along pretty well since then. He can be very nice when he wants to be, although other players don't want to believe that, given his past behavior. (Let's just say he has a very well-deserved reputation . . . )

I grok Klingons though, so I think we'll be getting on fairly well in the future . . . maybe a bit of friendly tussling now & then, but nothing too serious . . .

Thirdly -- I've been expanding my vampiric family by recruiting Aridoreans -- with the first one being the afore-mentioned French-Canadian! (This did help set up the kiss-and-make-up part, I must admit . . . ) I'm not sure he'll stay with it -- it may not be exciting enough for him because of the hurry-up-and-wait fast-then-sloooow nature of the vampire game -- we'll see . . .

In the meantime, others are becoming intrigued -- perhaps soon they will join their Brother of the Night in my Legion of the UnDead -- MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: games, middle earth, science fiction, vampires
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