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Persephone Yavanna the Entwife

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April 29th, 2004

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02:30 pm - Aridor update
Things have been busy lately at my estate on Aridor -- I've been busy expanding my household, protecting my pets & having wars & making peace with folks.

First off -- I expanded my house! I now have a Tardis-style mansion, with up to 10 rooms available. I originally had Gandalf in the library, Merry Brandybuck in the kitchen, Baltar in the bedroom & Pippin Took on stage in my private theater. I have now added another bedroom for Apollo (he was getting jealous Baltar had one & he didn't), a dining room where Baltar waits on me hand & foot and a huge wardrobe closet that Starbuck is in charge of -- he got the closet since the room description has him secretly trying on my clothes & in the new series the character is now female. S/he better not stretch anything out . . . or worse, look better in it than I do! (I really hate that!!!)

Secondly -- I've been busy making both war & peace with my fellow players. Shortly before Easter a French-Canadian player started to attack me, even though I'd been minding my own business playing with my pets. So I decided to fight fire with fire -- Aries Fire Horse temper! -- only to discover that he liked it -- trust me to find the masochist on the site . . .

Well, we went at it for days with biobombs & rumbles (where you lose a lot of servants at once) and he beat me fair & square -- but I gave him hell in return!! A pyrrhic victory it was. He liked my spit-fire spirit, though, & gave me back my pets then was very sweet to me for my birthday. I'd gotten upset enough to seriously consider quitting but he succeeded in jollying me out of that. We've gotten along pretty well since then. He can be very nice when he wants to be, although other players don't want to believe that, given his past behavior. (Let's just say he has a very well-deserved reputation . . . )

I grok Klingons though, so I think we'll be getting on fairly well in the future . . . maybe a bit of friendly tussling now & then, but nothing too serious . . .

Thirdly -- I've been expanding my vampiric family by recruiting Aridoreans -- with the first one being the afore-mentioned French-Canadian! (This did help set up the kiss-and-make-up part, I must admit . . . ) I'm not sure he'll stay with it -- it may not be exciting enough for him because of the hurry-up-and-wait fast-then-sloooow nature of the vampire game -- we'll see . . .

In the meantime, others are becoming intrigued -- perhaps soon they will join their Brother of the Night in my Legion of the UnDead -- MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult

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Date:May 2nd, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)

Re: reposting-what a day at Aridor

great events. I'll tell you more later. Sheba is learning to be a dominatrix. Seen's life will never be the same, and you can be sure Apollo's won't either. Starbuck has had an epiphany. And the Hobbits have gotten their hands into places where they definitely should not have.
Will send more info tomorrow.
Date:May 5th, 2004 05:52 pm (UTC)

Re: reposting-what a day at Aridor

Promised you a follow up on this. First, to say that after the hullabaloo on the weekend, things eventually quieted down. Morpheus supervised Starbuck's digging of the drainage ditch in the north side of the pond, very mucky, very filthy work. Starbuck did not look as natty as he usually does when he was done. Morpheus is quite a task master. He left in the middle of the project (went to serve another master), so Snake Pliscan took over the supervision. Snake is even worse task master than Morpheus. Starbuck was quite contrite when it was all over. Snake shoved him under the shower (cold, he said) and gave him a very rough washing up, and then brought him to me, so Starbuck could give an explanation for his actions. He claimed that the temptation to take the tape of Sheba and Seen making out was to great to resist. He now gets it,apparently, that Seen Bean is a favored servant, which he as of today, is not, and that if he plans to eat his meals sitting down, he should behave himself. That Seen was waiting outside with a big old board and gently wacking his hand with it helped to reduce Starbuck's impudence. I think he got the point. I have the tape that he had filched from the Hobbits in my safe, and am keeping it for the eventuality that Seen needs to be brought down a notch or two. Might even let Sheba do it. Maybe some night we can have popcorn and watch it together.
Sheba. Now there is a story. What on earth has Sheba been reading in your library? That girl now has the idea that she wants to be a dominatrix, and tried to convince Xena to help her. She got part way...Seen got quite a beating at Xena's hands. Apparently he was resistent at first, but after a while he got into the spirit of the thing. Took an hour, Xena said, but she thought she made progress. She said, also, that she got tired at some point and Sheba took over. Xena said Sheba has a way with cracking a whip. Quite impressive. When Xena is impressed, how can someone else not be? Another note on Sheba and Seen. That relationship is progressing. I'm reasonably sure there will be little indentures out of it. Even if there aren't, clearly Seen is smitten. He keeps mumbling about Strawberries, and every time he does, Sheba's eyes glaze over. You can tell Apollo to forget it. If he's not happy with Serena, then he's out of luck. May as well settle for Baltar (fat chance of that I suppose). I had to provide some salve for Seen's bottom, which Sheba generously applied, and there were cooing and purring noises. Is it possible for a man to purr? Well, he did. When I went by later in the evening, their area was dark and the usual noises were issuing forth. A few hours later, all was quiet.
Starbuck and the Hobbits. There is another story. Morpheus (rescued from an alien indenture) locked the Hobbits and Starbuck into one of the one of the sheds overnight...keep them segregated from the rest of the indentures for a while, until everything calmed down. Morpheus reported back in the morning, though, that when he went to let them out, Starbuck was tied, buck naked, to the bed, and could not be awakened. Feathers everywhere, too. Now, what did those Hobbits do to him? Morpheus said Starbuck was covered in wax dots, formed into some kind of strange characters. He could not decipher it. Starbuck was in a daze for the better part of the day. Useless as a worker. And he cracked up the Viper. When questioned, the Hobbits merely giggled a lot, and mumbled that Starbuck was big, and that they were a bit afraid of him, so they had tied him to the bed frame, for their own safety. Okay, yes, but naked and tied to the bed frame? I found that peculiar, even for Hobbits, who I don't understand all that well. And how did they get Starbuck out of his clothing unless they persuaded him to do it himself, or they had him partially tied, or....? My imagination boggles at this one. Fed the Hobbits well before sending them back to you. For such little ones, they surely can eat more than their weight. They seem inordinantly partial to Toll House Cookies. Ate about 48 of them. They are also quite skittish of Sheba and Seen.

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