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Someone must like my writing . . . - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife

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January 16th, 2006

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07:38 pm - Someone must like my writing . . .
I just discovered that graveyardgoths has befriended me. Since I don't know him personally nor are any of my friends also friends of his (so far as I know), I'm more than a bit curious as to why he's interested.

Not that I mind! I find it rather flattering. And one of my favorite sayings is "Flattery will get you everywhere", as those who know me personally know.

I'd like to think it's because he find my writing interesting to read, but perhaps he's a "rubber-necker" and just here to enjoy the occasional outbursts of "drama" -- as anyone who's been reading the past few months' worth of writing has seen, my life is a bit of a train wreck at the moment.

Well, whatever his motivations for adding me to his Friends list, he brightened up my rather depressing day by providing a much-needed ego boost, so I thank him for that.
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: "Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen

(Eat a pomegranate)

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