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Gary Trudeau takes the words right out of my mouth

I think the strip above, which appeared today, is dead-on.

Bush is the Anti-Conservative.

I've been a conservative Republican my entire life. Proud that my first vote as an adult was for Ronald Reagan back in 1984. Worked as a poll inspector for the party on 9-11 when all hell broke out (it was primary day in New York). Member of the Young Republicans even, and a veteran of a number of local campaigns.

But Bush Jr. is no conservative. Barely even a Republican. He and his policies are the antithesis of traditional conservatism and the ideals that the Party of Lincoln has stood for for decade upon decade.

He is a NEO-Conservative. And that is a completely different type of political beastie from the Traditional Conservative.

Traditional Conservatives believe in war as a last resort. Spilling the blood of America's children is done with great reluctance.

Traditional Conservatives believe in fiscal responsibility. Government should not spend money it doesn't have. Large deficits are a bad thing.

Traditional Conservatives believe in moderation and tolerance. Extremist views, even when cloaked as being "family-oriented", are regarded as "unseemly" and destructive to the fabric of society.

Contrast this with the current political and social climate, where Bush Jr. and his political cronies have engendered a pervasive unease and fear in the American populace, where the civil liberties and ideals that define what it is to be an American are being mutated into something that none of the Founding Fathers would recognize. Big Brother is wandering the land and people are terrified of their own government. TORTURE is discussed as a legitimate tool of military intelligence.

I am horrified at this. And disgusted beyond belief. Especially when it is called by the name Conservative, when it is anything BUT Conservative. Radical Right perhaps, but NOT Conservative.

And in case anyone has been wondering, no I did NOT vote for Bush Jr.
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