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Bye-bye CBGB

It's official. CBGB will be closing its doors in October 2006.

According to the bulletin released on MySpace, they are looking to relocate in NYC, but have yet to find a place.

Here's the text of the bulletin:

Dec 7, 2005 10:23 PM

CBGB is closing... it's official

We are closing. Our landlord had neither the obligation nor the interest to give us a new lease when our old lease expired in August. Since then, we have been fighting a losing battle, trying to buy time, against our eviction.

Unless a miracle were to happen, or the landlord were to have a change of heart, we knew we were gong to close. We just didn't know when. Now we do.

An agreement has been reached... not to give us a new lease, but to give us time to find a new location.

CBGB is officially closing by October 2006. No postponements, no court dates, no appeals... that's it.

We are using this time to try and find a new location in New York.

The rumors of us trying to open in Las Vegas and/or elsewhere are true... but not what you may think. We are staying in New York and we are looking for a space in downtown Manhattan. We are not moving to Las Vegas or anywhere else. We are, however, looking at opening up a sister club elsewhere... perhaps a CBGB West. But the original CBGB, though it will have to move, will remain in New York.

I hope they can find a new place -- it would be sad to lose such an important rock and roll landmark altogether.

~~ crosses fingers ~~
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