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September 28th, 2005

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08:57 pm - Mars Invictus
Today I had the pleasure of seeing a movie that truly was worth the price of admission -- a rare event nowadays!!

I saw "Lord of War" starring Nicolas Cage as a modern-day gun runner -- and one who is very good at what he does. I found this to be a totally delightful black comedy -- excellent in every way. I rarely give a rave review, but this film deserves it.

Very political in content, with an acerbic wit to the script as well as acid-etched performances by the cast, this film deserves better popular attention than it will likely get, unfortunately. The real-politik that runs throughout this is refreshingly honest, especially for an American-made movie -- at times I wondered how it managed to get through the Hollywood studio process without being gutted. Like the arms around which the plot revolves, it somehow must have slipped under the radar . . .

On a side note, the previews of upcoming films were an interesting contrast -- a series of jingoistic pieces of manure soon to be offloaded into the laps of the American movie-going public. One piece of bombast after another came forth, all with an appropriately "patriotic" theme, in a flood reminiscent of the newsreel propaganda of World War II and the mostly trite war movies of the period. Apparently Hollywood hacks have decided the best way to make a buck in current red-state-dominated America is to play along and produce "feel-good" war movies -- barely disguised recruitment ads for the armed forces, by the look of the trailers.


Luckily the main feature took away the bad taste from my mouth that the previews had left, so the experience ended up being good, all things considered.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult

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Date:September 29th, 2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
I must go see it then. I like "Veteran of the Psychic Wars". Its a great song for a Bass/Baritone to sing really loud!

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