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In honor of Valentine's Day . . .

Being in a Lord of the Rings mood after having added more parody links to the Memories section of this journal, I came across a few things which fit the theme of this day . . .

Which LOTR character (male) would you end up with? by Cormak
You end up with:Legolas
You meet on:July 1, 3028
This is where:in the forest
And this is what happens:He pulls you against him and kisses you passionately.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

I don't happen to be part of the legion of squeeing fangirls that stalk Mr. Bloom, but I must say that I do find him rather fetching as a blond. Of course, being an entwife, I do enjoy being around trees . . . and being kissed passionately can be quite nice . . . but this is really a bit more my style . . . pic
You need a kiss on your sweet! Very old
fashioned and romantic! *flutter* "I'll
never wash my hand again..."

What Kind of LOTR Lovin' Do YOU Need? (many outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla

The best way to turn me all gooey inside is by kissing my hand . . . as quite a few fellows in my life have learned!
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