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I have a temper, I do . . .

I used Holy Water for the first time in the vampire game when I had more than 2k coins robbed from me just after I'd killed a vampire hunter but before I could get my coins into a bank. I splashed the thief and he lost more than 500 bloodpoints. I then went to the bank, deposited my remaining 1500 coins and went to bed, waiting for my actionpoints to recharge.

Today when I awoke, that same vampire had bitten me while I was sleeping in the bank, so I had a bit of a temper tantrum -- he got another Holy Water bath (losing another 540 BP in the process), plus I scrolled him 3 times(he resisted twice before moving) then I hit him with another Holy Water, which unfortunately had no effect. (I'd been wondering if one could use a Holy Water-Scroll of Turning combo as a way of repeatedly hitting a vampire if they didn't move themselves -- now I know subsequent Holy Waters won't work -- DARN!!!!!!!!) So then I threw a Scroll of Displacement at him and he got sent to the-gods-and-RavenBlack-know-where in RavenBlack City while I continued on my merry way.

Total coins gained by the thief = 2043
Total in BP lost by the thief = 1058

So each coin he got from me cost him half a BP. If he buys his BP back from a necromancer, it'll cost him 25 coins per BP lost -- so his entire haul from me could only get him 81 of his BP back, out of more than 1000 lost. Buying back what he lost would cost him 23,950 coins -- and he'd STILL have lost 100 BP, since you can't buy back all lost BP from a necromancer.

An expensive proposition.


I wonder if he STILL thinks robbing me was a good idea . . .

Don't pull the tigress' tail and you won't get clawed!!
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