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The "has been who never was" now is

Went to see Christopher Dallman play tonight on the Lower East Side. The venue was intimate and packed with folks eager to hear the L.A.-based performer on one of his rare East Coast appearances.

A singer-songwriter in the mold of James Taylor, Cat Stevens & Jim Croce, Chris has a luminous voice that caresses one's ears and ensnares the heart as he sings of love lost and love found, being a "has been who never was", and the injustice of the rest of the world rejecting his open love for his beloved. This last, the song "Anthem", was my favorite of the show -- "I am done with with all these covert kisses/ stolen sly, just when we can/ I’m going to make my man my missus/ put a ring on his left hand" -- and will be on the record due to be released this summer, along with several other songs from this evening's set, "Subterranean", "Hard to Breathe" and "Right on Time".

The Wisconsin native held his New York audience of hipsters and trendsetters in thrall with his cashmere croon as he performed songs from his albums "Race the Light", "Never Was" & "Sad Britney" and his as-yet-untitled summer release. His soulful cover of the Spears' tune "Gimme More" was one of the highlights of the captivating set, as were "Ghosts" and the existential-angst-ridden "Over My Head" (official videos below). Those unfortunate enough to have missed the show can get his songs here.

Among the members of the audience present were Zachary Quinto and Corey Moosa of Before the Door Pictures, Brian Hoffman of Eat This NY and Christie Strong of Strong Features.

Mention was made during the show of a summer tour to support the new release. I know I plan on being part of it. So should you, if you enjoy good music -- upcoming dates can be found here.

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