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When Daddy's Girl goes missing, the bad guys had best beware - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife — LiveJournal

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February 13th, 2009

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11:48 pm - When Daddy's Girl goes missing, the bad guys had best beware
Went to see "Taken" this evening, a spiffy little action flick from Luc Besson starring Liam Neeson. He gets to channel the Terminator as he goes to rescue his daughter, a vapid chip off the ice-block of his ex, now a trophy second wife. The girl goes off with a friend on an under-supervised trip to Paris, where she and said friend are kidnapped shortly after arrival by a gang of sex-slave trafficers. Neeson did a great job in the intro to the main action of showing his character as a concerned parent, unlike the far too laissez-faire ex-wife -- far from smothering the girl, as his ex accused him of, I felt he showed a proper concern for her safety and well-being, which proved to be not at all misplaced, given subsequent events in the film.

Neeson was in his glory as he relentlessly pursued those who had snatched his daughter and the body-count rose as he dispatched them with grim efficiency. The bad guys here seemed to be particularly dim-witted, though, as Neeson's character made it quite clear he wanted his daughter back, yet they failed to realize what a sack of trouble they had gotten into by keeping her from Papa Bear as he cut through their ranks like a hot knife through butter. They'd have been better off deciding that the girl wasn't worth it and handing her back, but then of course Neeson couldn't have chewed through them like the peeved parental T-Rex of "Jurassic Park 2".

This slick action flick has been panned by the professional film critics, but I personally loved it -- the critics seem to take no notice that this film is primarily a parent-child fantasy: Daddy to the Rescue of Darling Daughter. It is not High Art, but then again it never pretends to be anything more than what it is, which for me was part of its charm.
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Current Music: "Dark Angel" by VNV Nation

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