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Board with music in New England - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife — LiveJournal

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November 24th, 2008

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09:39 pm - Board with music in New England
Spent the weekend up in coastal New England. I had to go there to attend the Church of the Sacred Earth annual board meeting, since I'm one of the directors.

Arrived on Saturday in the middle of a music video shoot for hrafnkell's latest movie, "Boundaries of Attraction", so I got to see all the leads and hang out with them as well as the band while hrafnkell and his crew did the setup and shooting of the video. It was interesting to watch but there was lots of downtime on the set while the lighting guys tried to recreate what had been done in the original movie shoot.

Sunday afternoon was the board meeting, during which we trotted out what we'd been doing in the past year in terms of our ministry. I gave a presentation on Second Life, during which I took the board of directors on a tour of Persephone's Grove and the religious facilities I'd built for pagan worship there. I also mentioned that Persephone's Grove had been part of the Linden Lab fifth birthday celebration of Second Life as one of the official exhibitors. The board liked the presentation, although one member joked that the hairstyle my avatar was wearing didn't look like mine, except for the bangs.

After the meeting ended, it was late, so we went out to get dinner at a local restaurant, where I ordered lobster pie, since I'd never had that before. It turned out to be a casserole-type of dish, with crab and lobster meat mixed together with a breadcrumb topping. Very tasty, as was the (genuine!authentic!) New England clam chowder. I stayed overnight so I could drive back home in daylight and avoid deer issues, since it was well after dark when the meeting ended and the drive takes me about 6 hours or so.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "The Moon is High" by MotherTongue

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