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Of tacos and the death of Dr. Lucky - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife — LiveJournal

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September 28th, 2008

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11:43 pm - Of tacos and the death of Dr. Lucky
Went to the games party squeektoy42 & her husband had last night, which ended up ending late enough that I crashed overnight there. ms_redcat, iamtrogdor & goofybaboon were there too, as well as a few other folks.

In an interesting fashion faux-pas, both iamtrogdor & I were wearing the same shirt -- the Apocalyptica tour shirt I'd gotten at the concert the night before. Somehow we'd missed bumping into one another at the venue, despite it not being that large a place.

We played Trivial Pursuit before having tacos, then afterwards we played a game whose name I've already forgotten, where we had to match shapes or colors and grab at a stick, which went flying at one point. (It kind of reminded me of War in reverse.) After dessert, we played the game I enjoyed most of those played that evening, "Killing Dr. Lucky", which was like Clue in reverse and had strategy as part of it, unlike the other games, which were more luck-based. (This was probably why I liked it best!)

After a late-ish brunch this morning, squeektoy42 & her husband were kind enough to drive me, iamtrogdor and another guest home. Along the way we went in search of mini-golf in the wilds of southern Brooklyn, only to be repeatedly foiled. By the time we got to my neighborhood, it was dinnertime, so squeektoy42, her husband & I went out to have Korean barbeque at a restaurant near my house that I often go to for lunch. We were treated to the usual 50 million appetizers and it was fun making lettuce rollups of the barbequed meat. We also had some soup with dumplings, which was really good.
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: "Feier Dich!" by Unheilig

(Eat a pomegranate)

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