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My layout is all messed up for no reason

All of a sudden my layout is right-justified. I didn't change it.

The only thing I did recently was change my links list -- and that was yesterday, and it displayed fine after the change, up until about an hour or so ago.

I'm using one of the older styles, Punquin Elegant, with very little customization -- just a background image and custom colors and wording for comments. I've been using this same style since I started here, since I like it much more than any of the more recent styles, most of which I think look horrid. :P

I've tried fixing it in the customization area, but nothing happens when I try changing the justification. No matter whether I choose left, right or center alignment, it always looks right justified.

I've opened up a support request about this. From looking at the list of open requests, I'm not the only one with this problem -- others using this style seem to be having the same problem, starting at about the same time as my issue.

I hope this gets fixed soon, since this right justification makes my entries and friends page well nigh unreadable.
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