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Rocks fall, everyone dies - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife — LiveJournal

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July 22nd, 2007

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02:32 am - Rocks fall, everyone dies

Rocks fall

I've finished Deathly Hallows and I'm not quite sure what to say.

It started out well enough, but then . . .

I'm appalled at some of the things she has done to her characters in this book.

Dumbledore is an acolyte of Bentham apparently -- "for the greater good . . . "

~~ shudders ~~
Current Mood: shockedappalled
Current Music: "The Dark Mark" -- Harry Potter & the GoF soundtrack

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Date:July 22nd, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)


Heya, long time no see (so to speak)
First off I was off line for 11 Count 'em 11 weeks while I fought with Dell to honour my warantee. I am now in the posession of a laptop once again- Just in time, if I might say so myself.

Here is what I posted a few minutes ago on another lj- but I'd like to know what you think too...

I was sobbing like a baby during the "Prince's" chapter.
Severus was treated far worse than any other character. Used over and over again, having his desperate desire for affection, love, respect turned against him...My throat cloggs every time I think of of him as a boy; dirty, unloved and still so desperate for someone to put him first.
And his death? Lonely and unmourned, his sacrifices utterly unrecognized.

...And EVERY SINGLE SLYTHERIN is evil??? Not a single one stands on the side of the light? How I was waiting to see the Slytherin students stand up and fight! But no they, as one, slink off out the door.
Criminy, at least Crabbe and Goyle stood for SOMETHING!
A good read though it was, JK dealt with our man in an intensely insatisfying way.

Of course on the positive side- Severus was FINALLY vindicated. No more evil-Snape. Of course, if he had been evil evil he might have had a better life. Never have I seen a character die so...so...I don't even know what the word is... I'm lost and dumb-headed after reading DH cover to cover.

Oh and I thoroughly enjoyed Kreacher's redemption.

...But another biggoted, arrogant James Potter? Really? I'm surprised she didn't have the boy push over a small, ratty first year who had dark haunted eyes and a shabby trunk.

Anyhoo- I'm at a loss, I think I'll go drown myself in a gallon of ice cream and a box of wine.
Norbert (or Norberta as the case may be)

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