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July 17th, 2007

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07:53 pm - Playing Trelawney

Voldemort's farewell party

The close of Potterverse canon has brought out the oracle in some, and the spoilport in others, as repeated so-called spoilers are circulated around the net as the release of last book of the Potter series nears.

Gakked from bethynyc:

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Hermione kills Draco Malfoy with a wicked cackle
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

Since so many people are offering predictions as to what will happen, I thought I'd join in too with a few of my thoughts. It'll be interesting to see if I manage to get any of these correct -- I'll find out in a few days if I should consider applying for the post of Hogwarts Divination instructor . . .

1. Minerva is a Death Eater -- after having read azmeredith's essay Voldemort’s Most Faithful Servant, I think a good case can be made for this, especailly if JKR really does hate cats. It certainly would make Tom/Minerva shippers squee and makes Snagonagall much more plausible if both Severus and Minerva are both Death Eaters as well as Order members -- they'd have soooooo much in common . . .

2. Lucius switches sides -- if anything could get Lucius to switch sides, it would be Voldemort going after his only son and heir. Family is important to Malfoys, and a threat to the family would trump any loyalty that Lucius might still have to the Death Eaters. Since Draco and Narcissa were threatened, I think it likely that Lucius would turn on his former master as soon as he is able to.

3. Hagrid dies -- JKR had mentioned that favorite characters would die in this book and I found it interesting that she included Hagrid as well as Dumbledore in the list of characters she would like to have a meal with, but only after she was told she could include dead characters in the list. Most people assume that referred only to Dumbledore, but I personally see no reason to excluded Rubeus from the list of potential casualties.

4. Dumbledore is a phoenix animagus -- Rowling had made mention of Dumbledore making an appearance in the last book and the phoenix that Harry thought he saw rising from the flames at Albus' funeral could well be Dumbledore going through his "burning cycle", just as Fawkes does.

5. Severus is a spider animagus -- spiders are mentioned all over the series and I certainly like to think that Severus managed to keep an eye on Harry while he was growing up in his spider-filled cupboard by being in his animagus form.

6. Severus loved Lily -- whether that regard was returned is another matter, however. The interactions between James and Severus have seemed to me to have had the flavor of a romantic rivalry, more than just ordinary bullying. James bullied him even after he was with Lily, just never where she would see it or find out about it, and he said he targeted him "just because he exists" -- if Lily liked Severus, but scorned James, that would really stick in James' craw and account for his behavior towards Severus very well, IMO.

7. Lily was given a love potion and as a result, fell for James -- Lily seemed to fall for James very quickly and out of the blue, by all accounts. James might have helped his feelings for Lily be reciprocated by use of a little love potion, or possibly Sirius or Peter did it on James' behalf. (Doesn't seem like something Remus would do -- doesn't seem like his style, although I could be wrong.)

8. Harry is really Tom (or at least a part of him) -- Harry Potter the infant died from the Killing Curse and when Voldemort's soul split, part of it went into infant Harry, reanimating him. One of the reasons I think this might be true is because of what Dumbledore had mumbled about "in nature the same, in essence divided" as a snake split into two heads in one of the earlier books. Harry may have gotten the part of Tom's soul that had his better qualities -- "good Tom" -- while Voldemort was left with "bad Tom".

9. Peter manages to redeem himself (somehow) -- all this fuss about the Life Debt Peter owes Harry has to be resolved in one way or another, and I personally think Peter will do something to protect Harry, possibly at the cost of his own life.

Now where did I put that Hogwarts staff application . . . ?
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