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An unexpected trip aboard the Black Pearl - Persephone Yavanna the Entwife — LiveJournal

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June 5th, 2007

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11:30 pm - An unexpected trip aboard the Black Pearl

Pirate kitty

After having visited squeektoy42, I spent the evening with bethynyc. We were going to see a screening of "La Vie en Rose" (an Edith Piaf biopic), but ended up having a change of plans when the screening was full.

We'd had a nice dinner beforehand at a local restaurant she recommended. I had been planning on something inexpensive for dinner, like their sausage platter, but when I saw that they had a special of kangaroo steak, I just could not resist and ordered that instead, along with a Woodchuck pear cider, a variety I had never had before. (I usually drink Woodchuck's Granny Smith or Woodpecker cider.) The 'roo was succulent and served in a shitake mushroom sauce, so tender one almost didn't need a knife to cut the meat. The cider was interesting -- I thought it would be more pear-y than it actually was, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless.

Once we discovered that the screening had been overbooked, we decided to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" instead, since neither of us had seen it. I personally thought it was wonderful and enjoyed it immensely. I really liked the touches of humor, especially the friendly rivalry between Captains Barbossa and Sparrow. The two of them seemed to make a game out of which one was at the helm of the Pearl and the bit with the telescopes was priceless. I liked Barbossa more in this film than I had in the first one and Geoffrey Rush certainly seemed to be enjoying himself in the role, almost as much as Depp did as Jack Sparrow.

Keira Knightley wasn't quite as stiff in this movie as she had sometimes appeared in the other two, but that might have been because she had a few chances to buckle some swashes here, as well as becoming a captain in her own right. Orlando Bloom still appeared to be sleepwalking through his role more often than not, although I did like what the writers did with his character. Norrington was excellent here and I was sad to see his fate in the story, as I was with that of Governor Swann. I also very much liked the glimpses into Davy Jones' character and absolutely loved it when we got to see the man behind the tentacles.

Some of the best bits were with the minor characters -- the two pirates, the undead monkey and the two bickering British guards that have been in each film of the series. They provided some of the best comic relief in the film, rivaled only by the antics of Captain Jack.

One of the things I'd enjoyed most was the bits that were in non-standard reality. The surreality of The Locker and Jack's relative comfort in it made me look at his character in a different way. In some ways, his perspective made me think of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series -- he seems to have a grasp of a deeper meaning and wisdom in the world that others are unable to fathom. He's quirky, but never self-conscious, and I think that's part of the appeal of him as a character, at least to me.

One of the other things I'd enjoyed quite a bit was the battle in the whirlpool between the Dutchman and the Pearl. Watching it I was reminded of these lines from the Childe ballad "Henry Martin":

Broadside and broadside and at it they went
For fully two hour or three
Till Henry Martin gave to them the death shot
And straight to the bottom went she.

It was also nice to see Captain Jack battling Davy Jones up in the rigging. Most of the time in the movies, he's not actively fighting someone, sword in hand, so it was nice to see him wielding a cutlass with authority and skill.

Since I've heard rumors that some of the principals in this series are not interested in participating any more (namely the director, Knightley and Bloom), but Depp is, I'm hoping that there will be more Pirates of the Caribbean films in the future. I definitely go to see them because of him (and now secondarily Rush) and as long as he is in it, I'd be happy to pay for a ticket, since I adore his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow. Hopefully, if this film makes enough money, the producers will make more with Depp, even if the current director and some of the other stars go.
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