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Do they come from barrels or pitchers?

Kool-aid pickle

I've come across a snack that could only have been invented by a pregnant woman -- the Kool-aid pickle.

I'm not sure whether to be intrigued or nauseated at the thought of eating one. I have an adventurous palate, but this might be pushing the limits of it.

For those brave enought to experiment with making them, here are the instructions for making a batch:

The school sells Kool-Aid pickles from the popular red flavor family at its fund-raisers. “They’re easy to make a gallon,” Ms. Williams said. “You pull the pickles from the jar, cut them in halves, make double-strength Kool-Aid, add a pound of sugar, shake and let it sit — best in the refrigerator — for about a week. The taste takes to anything. A while back I made a mistake and bought a jar of pickle chips instead of halves or wholes. Came out fine. This whole Kool-Aid pickle thing is going so good, you wonder why somebody hasn’t put a patent on them.”

According to the article, the recommended flavors are cherry or tropical fruit or strawberry Kool-Aid.
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