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Getting a (second) life

I decided to try out Second Life, since I've heard quite a bit about it in the news lately and I know thaelo has used it also.

I had a hard time finding a username, though -- Persephone seems to be very popular and finding an unused second name to go with it was a bit of a chore, since choices like "Persephone Graves", "Persephone Merlin" and "Persephone Writer" were all taken. I ended up being "Persephone Loon" -- it was as witchy as I could get under the circumstances and is a nod to my French ancestry. I'm glad I got the username Persephone at all, since I was sure they'd all be taken. Glad I was wrong about that.

I'm still trying to figure my way about and am currently in the beginner's tutorial area, trying to fiddle with my appearance. I'd chosen the cybergoth avatar for my initial "look" but in doing the Appearance tutorial I seemed to have undergone chemotherapy and lost all my hair. I've tried putting it back on by choosing the "green hair" from the inventory library, but it hasn't colored itself and looks silvery-gray at present. It's also well down my back, just as in real life, and not styled like the cybergoth hair had been.

I expect I'll play with it more in a bit, but now I'm off to do something else for a while. I don't know if you can have "friends" like you do here in LJ-land, but if you can, please let me know what your avatar's name is so I can "friend" you.
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