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April 29th, 2007

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11:59 pm - Beltane in the Park
Went to Beltane in the Park this afternoon. Saw bethynyc, coyotehowls and a bunch of other friends there, including some I hadn't seen in a long while. There were quite a few folks there I knew from New Moon NY, a now sadly defunct organization that had run Beltane in the Park for more than a decade, so it was very nice to spend time with them once more.

While walking to the site, I spied a stork (or maybe it was a heron) in one of the ponds and there were quite a few geese and ducks about as well. The trees were in bloom and the weather was just perfect for dancing around a maypole.

As part of the ritual, we not only danced about a large maypole decorated with a wreath of flowers on its top and set in the center of a circle cast with spring blossoms, but also created our own mini-maypoles to take home with us, festooned with ribbons we finger-wove around them. There was also jumping of the cauldron (filled with smoking incense, not the traditional flames, due to safety concerns) and a guided meditation, as well as cakes and ale after the Great Rite.

After ritual, we had our traditional picnic feast. I had brought mainly junk food -- potato chips, caramel candies and cheesy poofs -- but others brought more substantial fare, like fruit and chicken and salads and cakes and cookies, as well as plenty of juices and water to drink. We chatted and caught up with one another's lives and as the shadows of the trees grew longer, eventually packed up our things and left, amid many hugs and kisses.

bethynyc and I decided to have a post-Beltain late tea at the place I'd been to this past fall, since I'd enjoyed it very much and it wasn't too far away from where we were. We decided to share a "Mad Hatter's Tea" and she chose Symphony tea, flavored with chocolate and strawberies, while I went for the Silver Needle jasmine white tea, since they were once again out of the rose white tea I'd wanted to try. We had lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast and curried chicken salad sandwiches, as well as ham and cheese, buttermilk and blueberry poppyseed scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam. There was also a small lemon tart decorated with whipped cream, blackberries and raspberries and several cookies, making a fairly substantial meal all told, especially after the afternoon's post-ritual feast.

After we parted company, I walked over to Edward's place, where he and I spent the rest of the evening watching TV, mainly "The Sopranos". I'm sad that series will soon be ending, since I enjoyed it very much and it's one of his favorite shows as well.
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: "Beltaine" by Inkubus Sukkubus

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Date:May 2nd, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
I had no idea New Moon NY was defunct. I've been gone that long, its a shame, it was a really good organization and I enjoyed their events and beltane.

I'm glad you had a great holiday, the ritual sounds just really nice and cleansing
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Date:May 3rd, 2007 04:22 am (UTC)
It may or may not be "officially" pushing up daisies, but it is functionally dead and has been for a while. If you visit the New Moon NY website, you can see that they have done very little lately and only a minimum before that for quite a long time. The email list is generally dead too -- just political spammage, for the most part, with the occasional event not done by NMNY being promoted. OPT (Our Pagan Times), NMNY's newsletter, hasn't been published in close to ten years, at this point, and that was one of the organization's core ways of building and maintaining community.

The folks who used to run things (of which I was one, for about a decade or so) have moved on to other groups, for the most part. I'm just calling a spade a spade, basically.

It was great while it lasted and I still have a lot of friends I met through NMNY that are still part of my life. I just wish it hadn't withered away the way it did.

The ritual was pretty good, but the best part was seeing all my New Moon cronies showing up -- it was like going to a reunion. :)

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Date:May 5th, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you had a nice Beltain!

That tea place sounds really exciting, I'm glad you had fun!

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