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And here I was thinking my daemon was a lemming . . .

Gakked from bethynyc, shiv5468 and auntiemisha:

According to this, I've got a mouse daemon, since I'm supposedly modest, soft-spoken, passive, spontaneous and responsible.

Well, I do like cheese an awful lot . . .

Since this daemon accepts input from other people before settling on a final form, please feel free to add your 2 cents as to whether this critter is an adequate representation of me. The creature's form may change during this process, and I'm curious as to what other creatures may show themselves and what my final daemonic animal will be. I'll find out in 12 days time, when this process is complete.

If you see a different creature after giving your input, please leave a comment and let me know what it was, since I'd like to know into which animals it morphs before settling into a final form.

Andreas is a nice name, no matter what form my daemon may take.

~~ scurries off to nibbble on some Stilton and Double Glouchester ~~
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