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A gothic birthday celebration

Had my birthday party this evening. auntiemisha, gmdraves, horuschilde, kitapsolucani, kenazf, latzoni, ms_redcat, clivenlongsight, thekraftykat, trevita16, Simon, Ivan and Edward were there, along with a bunch of other friends.

The party was at the same place as last year's celebration and the vampire dinner party this past fall and I had several pomegranate pina coladas as well as wine, so I was quite merry. :)

The food was good, as always -- I had black bean soup, crab cakes and tilapia with lemongrass. And there was a strawberry shortcake birthday cake, which Edward helped me cut up and serve to folks -- it was so good that guests were coming back for thirds and fourths!

After dinner, auntiemisha, gmdraves, horuschilde, thekraftykat, trevita16 and some other members of the party went with me to a goth club that was a few blocks away, where we danced up a storm. They were playing some really good German industrial music and I was really trancing -- then the DJ started to play some Prince and that just completely killed my groove. :(

We cooled off for a while after that outside, chit-chatting, and also went by the giveaway table, where some folks picked up t-shirts and I got 2 CDs -- "Music is Chemical" by Mercurine and a self-titled album by Tearwave. I'd never heard of either group, but the Tearwave was put out by Projekt, so how bad could it be? I'll be listening to these in the next few days, along with Zeraphine's "Kalte Sonne", which arrived today from my Amazon wishlist from a friend who wasn't able to come to the party.

We didn't stay long after that, since all of a sudden the club started to get really crowded and hot as all the baby goths started to arrive as the witching hour approached. I don't usually mind some crowding, but this was a bit too much for my taste and there really wasn't much room on the dancefloor anymore, so I and my friends decided to call it a night. I did like the guy with the really tall mohawk, though, as well as the girl with a platinum bob in a white latex mindress.
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