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Say cheese!

A few days ago I got a birthday present for myself -- a film camera to replace the one that had gone swimming a few months ago. It's the same kind as I had gotten before, because I really loved that camera and it took fabulous pics when I was in India and Costa Rica. It's an Olympus IS-50 35mm SLR camera with a zoom range of 28-120mm, which is one of the reasons I loved the old camera as much as I did and why I wanted to get another one, since I use zoom a lot and that is a terrific range to have in a camera that doesn't need to have lenses changed. I finally found a store that still carried it, since it's now discontinued, but at least the price was much less than I'd paid for the original one -- approximately half.

Olympus IS-50 Zoom 28-120mm 35mm SLR Camera Specs


28-120mm f/4.9-6.8 (15 elements in 10 groups)

Filter Size


Focusing Range
2.0' (0.6 m) to Infinity

Metering System
Evaluative & centerweighted

Exposure Modes
Program AE modes: Full auto, Stop action, Portrait, Night scene & Landscape
Aperture priority autoexposure
Long time manual

Shutter Speed
1/2000th to 4 Seconds in Programmed mode
1 Second to 1 minute in Long time mode

ISO Range
25-3200 (DX)

Auto flash, Redeye reduction, Fill-in & Super FP activation
4-Second recycling time

Flash Range
Wideangle: 2.0 to 12.1' (0.6 to 3.7 m) [ISO 100]
Telephoto: 3.0 to 13.4' (0.9 to 4.1 m) [ISO 100]

LCD Information
Battery, Flash mode, Remote control, Selftimer, Longtime mode, Spot metering, Exposure compensation, Exposure mode, Date/time

Remote Control
Optional (wireless remote RC-200 or 100)

Self Timer
12-Second delay

Exp. Compensation
Yes (+/- 2.0 EV in 0.5 EV steps)

Multi Exposure

Adjustable Diopter
Yes (-2 to +1)

Continuous Shooting

Weather Resistant


Power Source
Two 3-Volt CR123A lithium batteries

4.9 x 3.4 x 4.9" (124 x 86 x 124mm) WxHxD

1.43 lb (649 g)

I've missed having a camera, since I love taking pictures. While I have considered getting a digital camera, I prefer the results I get with a film camera. I like the look of film and the never-quite-knowing how a photo will turn out -- opening the processing envelope has always been a bit of an adventure for me. I've had some wonderful pictures as a result of accidents and I'm not sure something like that would happen with a digital camera. I'll likely get one eventually, though, since film cameras are getting harder to find in stores. (And I have to admit the instant-gratification of a digital camera is a plus for this impulsive Aries, as is the ease of uploading pics to share here. And digital pictures can't get ruined by X-ray machines at airports -- an important consideration for me!)

I plan on using it for the first time in the next few days, since the weather has finally turned warmer and I want to take some pictures of my flowers when they bloom.
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