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Spa-cuisine for opera lovers

Had lunch with an old friend, rescheduled from Friday, which was a nasty, cold, snowy day. The belated birthday celebration was at our favorite Thai restaurant in the area and we went for a walk afterwards before he had to return to his office.

After bidding him goodbye, I went to a nearby music store and was able to find 2 CDs I wanted -- "Samurai" by Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and "Nackt" by Subway to Sally. I was very happy to find "Samurai" since that's the CD that has "Die Sonne scheint", the earworm that's been plaguing me in the form of the YouTube video I wrote about a few days ago.

After that I went to Lincoln Center to pick up opera tickets, including to this evening's performance of "Pirates of Penzance". I lucked out -- orchestra seats in the second row, right in the middle. :D

Since I had time to kill before the performance, I had dinner at my favorite Cuban-Chinese restaurant -- arroz con calamares (squid in its own ink cooked with rice, onions and green peppers) with sides of tostones and yuca con mojo. And Materva -- lots and lots of Materva. :)

After having some flan for dessert, I headed off to Zabar's and the wonder that is their cheese department. I ended up with some white Cheshire and double Gloucester from England and some Chilean Havarti. I also discovered that Zabar's carries oatcakes, which I love and have had a hard time finding in the past. I don't recall ever seeing them there before, so I think it's a new item. (Either that or I somehow missed it during past trips there.) Not only did they have my favorite brand, Nairn's, but they had several varieties, as well as little "cocktail-sized" ones, suitable for canapes. I contented myself with buying a few boxes of the rough-cut ones from Nairn's as well as some of Walker's ginger shortbread, which I also love. (Mmmmmm -- Ginger Newts!!!)

Laden with delectable goodies, I returned to Lincoln Center to enjoy an evening of Gilbert and Sullivan, as done by City Opera. I've seen NYCO do G&S before, with "The Mikado" a few years back, and this evening's performance was as delightful as that one had been. Marc Kudisch played the Pirate King with a fey glee reminiscent of Depp's Jack Sparrow. I'd seen him years ago, when he played in "A Little Night Music" with Jeremy Irons and Claire Bloom, which I'd enjoyed very much despite being up in nosebleed. Matt Morgan did a nice job of Frederic, although I felt a bit odd when looking at him, since he bore more than a passing resemblance to David Tennant of "Doctor Who" and "Harry Potter" fame, albeit with sideburns. Myrna Paris romped her way through the show as Ruth and Mark Jacoby did an outstanding job of the patter songs in his role of Major-General Stanley.

The production was quite fun, starting off with a hilarious puppet-show as the overture played and Queen Victoria was a running joke throughout the production, popping up at odd times, as when she served tea to the girls. One of my favorite images from the show was the bevy of bobbies facing off against the pirates, subduing them and then helping them into proper Victorian attire for pirates -- top hats atop bandanna-bedecked heads with eyepatches and frock coats with parrots perching on their shoulders. The music was of course superb -- I'm so glad that City Opera includes such lighter fare in its offerings to the public. It's spa-cuisine for opera lovers like myself, leavening the bombast of Puccini and Verdi with bubbliness and humor.
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