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Moving into new blogspaces

I decided to create two new LiveJournals to mirror the ones I had on Blogspot that went BOOM! yesterday.

Diary of a Gardening Goddess will now be mirrored on gardeningdeity while Notes from the Underworld will be on underworldnotes. Both are Basic accounts, since I don't want advertising all over them and I'm not willing to cough up cash for them either.

It looks like I'll have to add each post one by one to the new LJs, so that will take quite a while, since there are 65 entries on Diary of a Gardening Goddess at present, while Notes from the Underworld has 147.

One (small) advantage of this move is that I can now make protected entries, if I so choose, so I may make photoposts of my garden on the Diary of a Gardening Goddess LJ that I might not have made before, since I didn't feel comfortable with some of those pictures being public. I might also decide to use the Notes from the Underworld LJ to make announcements of upcoming UnEvents the UnCoven will be having, which may not be on the public website.

Please feel free to friend these quasi-new LiveJournals.
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