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Persephone Yavanna the Entwife

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February 19th, 2007

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09:33 pm - The new Blogger killed my blogs
I had to log into Blogger today to check on something for the two blogs I have hosted on Blogspot, Diary of a Gardening Goddess, my gardening blog, and Notes from the Underworld, the first blog I ever had which later became a site update blog for my site The UnCoven of the Solitaries after I started my DeadJournal.

In order to do that, I was forced to do a blog conversion to the new Blogger system and create a Google account.

Little did I know what that would do . . .

Post-conversion, Diary of a Gardening Goddess no longer displays correctly -- the header images are gone and the words are no longer displaying on a white background, as they had before. The template has been totally messed up somehow, even though I didn't do a thing to it and it was fine and dandy pre-conversion. I looked at the current HTML for the template and it seems fine, but it's somehow screwed up when the page displays. In addition to this, the archives for both Diary of a Gardening Goddess and Notes from the Underworld are no longer available if you visit the page. When I go into the blogs' control panel, the posts are still there (thank the gods!) but nobody visiting the pages can access them. :-/

I've already written to Blogger's support staff requesting assistance, but I'm afraid they may tell me that my only choice is to choose a new set of templates from the current selection, which is both very limited as well as completely fugly.

I wouldn't mind the f-up as much if I were using some kind of custom template, but I'm not. I've been using the same templates that were available to choose from when I created these two blogs -- they were part of the standard selection and were both working fine until I had to do that &%$@(*&^$&^% forced conversion to the new Blogger system. I especially liked the way the template for Diary of a Gardening Goddess looked -- if you want to see what it's supposed to look like, the original creator has it on her site here, under the template name "Juicey".

I'll wait a little while to see if the Blogger support staff will be able to restore my Blogger blogs to their original look and functionality, but I may have to re-create them elsewhere, a task I do not look forward to, since there are more than 200 posts that would have to be transfered, most likely by reposting each, one by one.

Oy gevalt . . .

Such a headache I'll have, just because the company couldn't be bothered to have their new system be backwards compatible.

~~ tosses rotten tomatoes at Blogger ~~

I'll most likely create new LiveJournals to host these two blogs, if I can get templates I like here. I hope especially that I'll be able to keep much of the look and feel of the Juicey template I used for Diary of a Gardening Goddess. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that with the freebie basic account or not, since I have no desire to cough up cash to re-host these blogs here.

~~ tosses more rotten tomatoes at Blogger ~~
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: "Wo Bist Du" by Rammstein

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