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Happy Birthday Severus!

Green birthday cupcake

Today is the birthday of Severus Snape, my favorite character from the Harry Potter series and my alter ego.

I'd thought of writing a birthday fic for him (I have two in the works) but they aren't done and I didn't want to do a rush job, so their release will have to wait for a bit, since anything worth doing is worth doing well. Since I'm perenially late, I'm sure Severus was expecting this from me . . .

I'm not sure the poor sod will be celebrating another birthday, since odds are he'll be pushing up daisies by the end of Book 7, but I'm sure he'll live on somehow in fandom. I certainly plan on writing stories with him, no matter what Rowling does in canon.

In the meanwhile, I plan on reading stories starring him, such as the very nice one rakina wrote about his natal day entitled No Prince.

~~ goes off to serve detention with Professor Snape for being late again ~~
Tags: potterverse, writing
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