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What happened to my mansion?!?!?

I went to play in Aridor Slave Rescue and there's been some kind of major game crash recently. I can't access my mansion and Aridor bio page and all my credits seem to have gone poof, too! I'd had 20 million saved up, enough to buy a new room -- I was planning on adding a Cloning Facility and having Lazarus Long taking care of it.

Gone. All gone. An almost-300-million-credit-19-room mansion, 20 million in spendable cash and my elaborately coded biopage -- vanished. I can only hope that when the game is running again the way it was pre-crash, I'll get these restored somehow, otherwise I'll have to start all over again from scratch. In the meanwhile, Apollo and Baltar will have to share a camping cot and will be hissing at one another even more than Severus and Sirius do. :(

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